Friday, July 5, 2019

A Baltic Adventure Part 2 - Tallinn

So after a very brief to Helsinki, we made our way onto Tallinn. Tallinn originally wasn't on my 'to go' to list originally, but I'm so glad we added it onto our list because here, I had the best meal of the entire trip, and basically that's all that it takes to be a great trip.


Morning & Afternoon | We took the Tallink ferry from Helsinki at noon which got us into Tallinn for around half 3 in the afternoon. Naturally, we dropped off our bags at the hotel, settled in and had a little wander around the town. We were staying in the old town, right next to the city walls so we were right in the center of the town. It was all very medieval looking which was fitting for ......

Evening | ..... our medieval dinner! I wanted to book a little bit of a tourist-trap restaurant but was so pleasantly surprised by Olde Hansa. It's a 'classic' medieval restaurant in which you're literally sat in the dark, eating by candlelight only, where you're served by people in traditional medieval dress, and it was quite a lot of fun!


Morning | Up early and ready for a full day of touristing about, we crammed a hell of a lot in on this day. We headed to the old town where we walked across Tallinn's Town Wall, St Olaf's Church, St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin.

Afternoon | After many, many and many cathedral/churches we went to my favourite historical part. The Kiek in de Kök Museum and Bastion Tunnels. Apart from the brilliant name, Kiek in de Kok. I mean brilliant, this was so interesting. The bastion tunnels run throughout the old town which used to conceal movements of the soldiers and ammunition. Totally creepy, I mean there were some dodgy looking wax works and sound effects, but also really fascinating. 

Evening | I mean, I cannot prepare you for the excitement of this meal I'm about to write about. I booked a table at Vaike Rataskaevu 16 after glowing reviews on Tripadvisor and I cannot tell you, it absolutely blew me away. The service first of all was amazing, we had the loveliest waitress serving us, but oh my god was the food standout. To start with we had this glorious baked goats cheese, I then had a steak followed by a chocolate lava cake and honestly, it was the highlight of the entire baltic trip. Highly recommend. 


Morning & Afternoon | We headed to Kadriorg Palace which was about a 40 minute walk outside from the main city center of Tallinn which is an art museum on the grounds of Regulaarpark. We spent most of the morning and afternoon here wandering out the park. 

Evening | We then had to make our way to the port in the afternoon to catch our overnight cruise to Stockholm! We traveled with the cruise company Silja which was actually really great, there was a music pub quiz which my mum and I came second place in so won some random booze, drinks tokens and some chocolate so overall not too shabby! 

Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace


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