Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Gold Infused Products: Craze or Amaze?

Gold as an ingredient within skincare has always been used and much loved in the beauty industry but for me it's just always tended to be a bit boujee and unnecessary and I thought adding a whole extra £10 on a product because it's gold 'gold' in it, was just, pointless. However, that was a classic judging a book by it's cover statement. I noticed I had 2 golden masks in my collection and wanted to actually give them a try and see whether they are just a craze, or actually amaze ha.

Of course it goes without saying, obviously I've only tried three gold infused products so this by all means is not a reflection on every single product out there so please feel free to correct me or send any product suggestions across. 

If you read about gold infused products and using gold as an ingredient in skincare, you'll come across a very wide range of do-gooder benefits including; brightening your complexion, anti-ageing, treat sun damage, anti-scarring, firming and boost collagen. To me the only one that makes sense is brightening by potentially giving it a reflective glow, the others, I'm not entirely sure about. But,I mean if gold in skincare is good enough for Cleopatra (apparently, I've not actually gone down to the library, google search only) it must be good enough for us right?  

Well, eh. Is my response at the moment. These two gold products vary quite substantially in price, I mean I thought gold was gold but apparently not. The BeautyPro Thermotherapy Warming Gold Foil Mask is a £6 face mask that you can buy on FeelUnique although I'm pretty sure I got mine at TK Maxx, boujee and all that. Apparently the thermo warming sensation is what will help accelerate the penetration of ingredients into the skin. Honestly, I just couldn't bare the smell. And apart from actually not enjoying a warming sensation on my skin, it almost feels like I'm having an allergic reaction, which I wasn't I don't think my face looked any more radiant. 

This was the same with the Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks. Okay right, breathe in. A pack of 8x of these eye masks...costs an astounding £185. That comes to £23 EACH per mask. Firstly, let me just say, I did not pay for these and got them free through my flatmates work. Secondly, these were honestly the most disappointing eye masks. Ever. Not only did I not notice any change in my under eye puffiness or dark circles, but the smell, like the other mask, was so acidic, perfumed and almost just felt as if I was putting ethanol straight under my eyes. Now I know what you're going to say, but Caroline you only tried one, you probably need to do them a couple of times to notice a difference. But sorry at £23 each I would expect to see immediate changes overnight. 

Another product I used was form a rogue brand Janjira, which has luxury Thai Spa products. They sent me AGES ago this ridiculous eye cream and that too, also had quite that ethanol smell to it which is odd because their other products didn't. I don't know if because of using gold, the products aren't as natural but I just found the three products I have tried to be incredibly harsh on my skin.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about gold infused products. Have any worked for you, or wowed you? Any disappointing ones? Maybe we need to do some more research into Cleopatra's skincare to find out exactly how she was using it....


  1. I tried the Chantecaille eye mask Sunday eve and actually I quite liked it. I felt like it reduced the puffiness of my eyes the next morning (although that also could have been the full 8 hours sleep haha!) I am in desperate need of a good eye cream and eye mask recommendations for my ever darkening circles though so please internet people send advice!! x

  2. Thank goodness that you didn't pay for the Chantecaille masks given that you were so disappointed by them! xx


  3. Gold should stay out of skincare, I really don't see any reason why it's in there besides adding a few ££ to the price tag! I definitely think it's a money maker rather than an ingredient that's actually going to be beneficial especially given that's an inert metal and doesn't actually react with anything! It's claimed to be an anti-oxidant but you're better off just eating some blueberries :D

    Rachel | Teacups & Tartan

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