Monday, August 5, 2019

Product of the month: July

What product do you see in your collection and automatically think, Summer ? Mine has to be the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer which I think has to be up there with not only one of my holy grails, but also one of my most used products along with CT Pillowtalk, obviously. I know what you're thinking, "Caroline, this product looks untouched", and yes will this is my backup, because I have to have one. My other one has hit pan so much it's on it's last legs and obviously this is much more aesthetically pleasing ha! 

I have no words for this amazing formula, it's honestly one of the softest bronzers I've ever used, it's utterly creamy and divine. Infused with Murumuru Butter and Grandiflorum Seed Butter, this bronzer is so easily blend-able and sits on the skin so well, lasts all day and patchiness is never a worry, no matter if I set my foundation or not. 

Most importantly, the murumuru butter makes the product smell absolutely gorgeous. I'm not someone who particularly likes overly scented products, and especially am not a fan of coconut, but I actually love the smell of this. It isn't over-empowering at all and just reminds me of a Summer's day. 
Originally there used to be only 2 shades, Light Bronzer and Sunkissed Bronzer, but fabulous news is that there are 2 new shades as well and even better it's now available in the UK on feelunique. 

My only singular gripe with this product is the packaging. Don't get me wrong, I love how summery it is, but it is bulky and definitely not travel friendly, and I've made the mistake before travelling with bulky packaging, it leaves too much room for a powder product to smash! 

Let me know in the comments below if you've ever tried Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and if not, what's your favourite bronzer? 



  1. I couldn't agree more with your choice! This bronzer is such a staple in my collection too, it is amazing!
    Grace xx

  2. this sounds and looks like such a great bronzer!

  3. My all time favourite bronzer. Cannot wait to get a new one, I feel lost without it. So true on the packaging though - mine shattered on a plane journey home. I was hitting pan but shame it completely died so soon. x

  4. I've ALWAYS wanted to try out this bronzer, its such a shame its not readily available in the UK. My friend is going to the US though, so I'm gonna see if she can pick it up for me!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. I am always seeing reviews of this bronzer, and everyone always sings it's praises! I must see what the fuss is about!!!
    Amber |


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