Saturday, September 28, 2019

My Favourite Colourpop Lip Products

Colourpop is a brand that I've been obsessed with ever since it launched and we couldn't get our hands on it in the UK. Basically by making an affordable and Instagram-worthy product not available to us, it almost makes me want it more. 

There are so many Colourpop products that choosing which ones to purchase is pretty difficult to narrow down, and with the customs charges you don't want to be disappointed in your products! My favourite products apart from the eyeshadows has to be their lip products. I haven't yet really branched out to their lipsticks properly, and I'm not a big fan of their Ultra Matte Lips wayyyy too crusty, flakey and drying but I thought I'd let you know my favourite Colourpop lip products. 

Fairyfloss Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss - This was my first ever lipgloss purchase from Colourpop as a KathleenLights recommendation. I've managed to go through 2 of these so far and think it's one I'm always going to repurchase. It's very much a clear gloss with the tiniest pink running through it. The formula is super comfortable and non sticky. As with most glosses, the staying power isn't out of this world, but it's such a pretty colour for everyday. 

Aquarius Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss - I am absolutely obsessed with this lip gloss. Compared to Fairy Floss it's a bit opaque meaning rather than just being a straight gloss, it's got a bit more colour to it and can be worn on it's own. It's a beautiful pink nude shade, which kind of reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk shade. 

Champagne Mami Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss - The newest in my collection is this subtle shimmery gloss. It's clearer than Fairy Floss and less pink, but has this gold shimmer running through it. Infused with jojoba oil it's incredibly moisturising and makes your lips look juicy and full. 

Lumiere Lippie Stix - The Lumiere Lippie Stix was one of the first ever Colourpop products I purchased. A Kathleen Lights collab, this was supposed to be one of those 'one shade suits all' and I absolutely love it. It's a gorgeous mauve taupe pink/purple shade that is perfect for this time of the year. Originally I was a bit apprehensive with the lippie stix as they are a matte formula, and I didn't like the Ultra Matte lips, but these are a lot more comfortable and full coverage meaning you don't have to excessively layer. 

Poison Lippie Stix - I promise you I don't simply wear pink and nude shades. Poison is my go-to Winter shade. It's a burnt red brick red which just oozes Autumn to me. The coverage is outstanding and the staying power is so incredible, without being increasingly dry or flakey. As it's infused with Shea butter,  I definitely recommend wearing a liner to help keep the colour in place more. 

Let me know in the comments below what Colourpop lip products you'd recommend! Any of their actual lipsticks?! 

Lippie Stix "Lumiere', Lippie Stix 'Poison', Ultra Glossy Lip 'Aquarius', Ultra Glossy Lip 'Fairy Floss', Ultra Glossy Lip 'Champagne Mami' 



  1. I've been wanting to try some new Colourpop for awhile! These look great


  2. Colourpop do some amazing lip products! All of the formulas always seem to amaze me. Love the look of the lip glosses x
    Amber |

  3. I love Colourpop so much, shame its not more readily available in the UK!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. I've only recently purchased some items from Colourpop, but I've been looking for more to try. These shades look lovely! the Lippie Stix look really pretty!


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