Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nashville: My Top Favourite Places/Things To Do

Last week my flatmate and I went on a 2 week holiday around the States where we visited Chicago, Nashville and LA. I have to say, Nashville was probably my favourite place I've been to in the US. It's outrageously fun and the fact that they have Mac & Cheese as a side vegetable on menus is my favourite thing ever.

Hattie B's - Obviously my first top favourite has to be a food place. Hattie B's is an actual institution in Nashville. This probably has to have been my favourite meal in all of Nashville and albeit yes our first and it was legendary. I had the fried chicken tenders, fries and coleslaw and I literally felt like I had died and gone to heaven. There was quite a bit of a queue to get in, we waiting probably for like 30 mins but it was 100 worth it.

The Murals/The Gulch: Nashville has a lot of murals and you can damn well believe that yes I did end up googling them to make sure I visited as many as possible. Most of them are in the gulch shopping area and others scattered around the city. We met the loveliest people here as well all willing to play photographer for our Instagram obsessed selves. My favourite has to have been the #WhatLiftsYou wings and the 'I Believe in Nashville' sign. I literally just ended up following this entire website

No Baked Cookie Dough - Completely safe and edible raw cookie dough in many flavours? What more could you want? We visited this place on our second last day and honestly it was heaven. I had one scoop of the cookies n' cream flavour and Em had the Chocolate Chip one and honestly it was pure heaven. You definitely don't need more than one scoop as we barely even finished one scoop now massively regretting that I never finished it. The people who work there are absolute gems as well and the place is an Instagram dream!

The Listening Room - Of course it wouldn't be Nashville without some live music. We booked three tickets to the Listening Room one night and it was absolutely incredible. There were 3 artists playing, and you can sit eat dinner and drink whilst watching them perform. We didn't actually know any of the artists playing, but oddly one of the artist got his girlfriend up on stage, and she happened to be Hannah Ellis who we both know and listen to so it was such an amazing surprise!

Trolly Tour - This trolly tour is such an amazing way to see the city and the drivers are hilarious. We were taken around the gulch, the pantheon how odd is it that they have a life sized version of it in Nashville??, music row and downtown. It's the same hop on and hop off service there but beware that you should get your tickets beforehand as you can't buy your tickets on the trolly bus and not all of the stops have places to buy them.

Have you ever been to Nashville? If so let me know some of your favourite things!




  1. You went to 3 completely different places! I've only been to LA and Chicago, but I want to go to Nashville and try the Hattie B's chicken! And edible cookie dream come true!!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  2. What a fantastic trip! I would love to visit Nashville! xx


  3. This sounds like such an amazing trip, I hope you had the best time! That Cookie dough place looks so dreamy xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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