Friday, November 29, 2019

How To Boss That Winter Morning

I love the Winter. I am a Winter bunny, give me snow, chilly days and jumpers over being stuck on the Northern Line sweltering in the London heat. However, I find morning routines in the Winter increasingly difficult to get back into. The dark and cold mornings make it harder for me to roll out of my duvet burrito, but I've gathered some of my top tips to bossing those early mornings.

1. An Early Night

I know this sounds simple, but trust me, I too have been drawn into later bedtimes. Just another episode of the Crown. Just another hour. Just another drink, we've all been there. Although sometimes it can't be helped, sometimes just give yourself a couple of those nights where you go to bed early. Even if you can't get to sleep straight away, switch off from your devices and read a book - the morning you will thank yourself for it!

2. Exercise in the Morning 

Grim? Yes. But I find that I'm more likely to feel better if I get up, go to my gym class in the morning. It's definitely a challenge to get up that hour earlier, but I know that I would much prefer getting it out and done with and that way my Winter evenings can be spent being all snuggled up on the sofa.

3. Eat A Breakfast You'll Be Excited For

I'm a big believer in eating breakfast in the mornings in the Winter time but most importantly, making sure they are something you are excited for and that are hearty. I actually now get excited and look forward to having my breakfast at work Golden Syrup Porridge and most importantly I chose something that I know will fill me up throughout the morning. Or if I'm having a really shitty cold grim day, how about really treating yourself to that cinnamon swirl every other week. I mean fuck it, it's Christmas. 

4. Get As Much Fresh Air As Possible

A couple of months ago I moved offices back to walking distance and have found myself loving the walk to and from work. Regardless of the fact that yes, it's cold, and yes, I'm tired, that fresh air I get from the 45 mins walk I mean, fresh polluted London air gives me that burst more energy and wakes me up. Even when I couldn't walk from home, I decided to get off my tube stops a couple of stops earlier, just so I could have that little bit more of a walk. Plus, got to get those 10,000 average step count in!

5. Leaving Those Blinds A Bit Ajar

I guess this only works if you've got blinds like I do in my bedroom, but I'm a big believer in waking up in natural light. Although it does take forever to get light in the mornings in the Winter, because it is so subtle unlike the agro Summer blinding morning light and gradual, it just makes me feel a bit less groggy! 


  1. A good breakfast and an early night always sets me up right for the day. Love these tips x
    Amber |

  2. An early night always helps me get up early the next morning. Exercising in the morning in winter isn't easy! Great tips x

  3. These are such fab tips! I definitely agree with them all. Having an early night is definitely so important during the winter when you need the time to recharge. I also think having a good breakfast can really set you up for the day xx

    Lauren |

  4. I really wanna go back to exercise in the morning! I hate doing it in the evening when there is too dark outside. Then I definitely up for a nice big breakfast (it's my favourite meal of the day!!)

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style - 2019 Advent Calendars Giveaway

  5. I find winter mornings so difficult, I suck at getting an early night but I'm trying really hard to because I know it'll help hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September


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