Saturday, November 2, 2019

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: October

I think this is probably the longest this year that I'e gone without writing a post. Let's be honest here, I said I was ready for Autumn. I was not ready for torrential downpour for 3 weeks straight which also equals to zero opportunity to take blog photos in that lighting. 
Now that we've moved into full Autumn mode, with Halloween behind us I thought I"d collect a couple of my favourite lifestyle favourites in October.


After reading This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay I picked up Unnatural Causes by Richard Shepherd which is a pathologists recount of some of the cases he's worked on whether they are natural causes, natural disasters or homicides. If you're the least bit squeemish I would probably not recommend as it is quite graphic but I did find it utterly fascinating and some of the cases he's worked on are so incredibly high profile you're getting a whole sense of exclusiveness too. After such an intense book, I've also just been starting to read One Day by David Nicholls  which I've also been loving recently, the character Emma makes me laugh out loud. 


We all know Autumn TV is the best TV out there, hands down. The influx of Dramas to watch keep me busy enough. I really enjoyed the BBC Drama Dublin Murders which follows a missing girl who is found dead and there are layers and layers of conspiracy which go back to an old and similar case years ago. I really enjoyed the show, although it's definitely one you need to pay attention to. It hasn't ended yet and it's taken a bit of a weird turn but have been really enjoying it. World On Fire on BBC is another show I've enjoyed. Based in WW2 it's a great periodic drama. 


Obviously with Autumn comes great candles, and Bath and Body Works no doubt do the best ones. Thankfully when I was in the US this Summer they had just brought out their Autumn range so I obviously had to pick up a new Autumn candle. Sadly with limited baggage space, I only picked up one Autumn one which was the 3 Wick Autumn Woods Candle which I absolutely love. It's quite musky but without being overpowering, but has such a cozy scent to it with notes of; dark walnut, English lavender, white amber. 

Another random love is a restaurant in London which I am fully obsessed with. I went and tried Lina Stores in Tottenham Court Road Arcade. The arcade is great because it's got lots of small stalls inside, without being overly cramped. Lina Stores has been on my list for a while, and rather than going to the restaurant we went to the stall and it was immense. They only had a couple of items on the menu, so we tried; Pumpkin Ravioli, Pappardelle Oxtail Ragu and the 30-egg Taglioni. Deffo recommend if you're in London!

Let me know in the comments below what you've been loving this month! 


  1. I love Bath & Body Works candles! I'm definitely going to check out the books you mentioned x

  2. Will it ever stop raining?! I loved One Day and so many people are raving about Dublin Murders so I need to watch! x

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  3. World on Fire completely slipped under my radar but I love WW2 dramas, so thanks for the headsup! I've been loving Carnival Row and Jack Ryan season 2 on Amazon Tv, and What if on Netflix. As far as candles go, I just discovered Diptyque Narguilé and I'm in love! I'll have to pop at Bath and Bodyworks and see what's left of the Autumn collection.x

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag

  4. Dublin Murders has such an intriguing plot! Let's see if I can find it on streaming!! thanks for sharing!

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