Wednesday, November 13, 2019

New Dior Beauty Bits

Not too long ago I was v lucky to have won a competition run by Dior and @JadeAnnLoves and won these two gorgeous Dior goodies which I thought I would give a full review on here. I haven't actually ever tried any Dior makeup I don't think so it's been a nice change to try some new higher end bits! 

Firstly is the Dior Forever Foundation. Now I should have 100% learned my lesson on the fact that I totally suck at choosing foundations online and this was absolutely the same case. I used findation online in which I put in my known existing foundation shades and it then gives you suggested foundation shades. It came up with shade 2,5N Neutral which, let's just not my shade at all ha. Oh well. However, don't worry it won't be going to waste.

 I'm actually going to give it to my mum, but I thought I would at least where it one day literally where I was at home all day just to see the wear-test. I think this is an absolutely gorgeous foundation. It has a lovely light and dewy finish for those with dryer skin. If you use a brush you definitely get more of a lighter/medium coverage, whereas with a beauty sponge I see more of a lighter coverage. My skin looked radiant and didn't highlight any of my texture. My one gripe, is that you absolutely need to set it, as it's quite transferable and definitely needs a good gripping primer. 

I recently mentioned the Dior Rouge Ultra Care Lipstick '999' on my 4 Red Lips You Need This Season blog post and I've really been enjoying wearing it. This is such a pretty and glamorous true red shade and such oozes shine and juiciness. I tend to wear a lot more matte formulas when it comes to bolder shades, but I've almost forgotten how nice it is to wear a formula that is glossier and more comfortable and I tend to find red lipsticks that are shinier do just look that little bit more glamorous.  

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried the two products or what your favourite Dior products are! 



  1. What a stunning shade of red! I love that foundation x

    Beautylymin | Beauty Bundle Giveaway

  2. I really want to try that foundation, keep hearing great things about it!

    Zoey |

  3. That red is gorgeous! Currently I'm all about red lips.

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  5. Such a shame for the foundation shade, I've been there multiple times so I totally get you lol
    The red lippie is so beautiful - I love my mattes but a glossy red can be very fresh and modern, and it's perfect all year round x

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag


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