Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Top Glitter Beauty Picks

My favourite thing about Christmas beauty? The glitter. I never go as OTT and shimmery as I do over the festive season and I feel like after searching and using glitter for many-a Christmas' I can let you guys know my favourite glittery beauty picks.

Firstly is a long standing favourite. Everyone will recognize the No7 Shimmer Rose Palette from my previous blog posts and Instagram. A while back it was looking pretty dishevelled as it was such a loved product in my collection, and my flatmate very kindly repurchased this as part of my Christmas present this year. This palette is one of the prettiest and versatile products in my collection. I use this as a bronzer, blusher, highlighter and eyeshadow nearly every day. It is that perfect bronze/rose/neutral shade that is perfect for every day or to layer up. 

Of course Christmas wouldn't be without the festive eyeshadows. Featured earlier in my gift guide this year, the BareMinerals Metal Eyes Gift Set* contains three gorgeous liquid eyeshadows. My favourite out of the three are Sunstone (a shimmery rose gold) and Pink Opal (a dusty pink with bronze undertones). I am so impressed with the pigmentation of these. You can either wear them on their own or I tend to use them as a shimmery base and apply an eyeshadow on top so it acts almost like a primer too.

Also for the eyes the Mac Cosmetics Glitter Pigments are up there with some of the most sensation pigments I've ever tried. I got a pack of 4 in a Nutcracker Limited Edition set two years ago, however Mac has a whole wide range of pigments in their shop all year round. If you use a good primer (The No7 and Milani ones are fabulous) I don't get any fall out.

Speaking of primers, whenever I go for a glittery eye I have to use some sort of gel/cream eyeshadow as a base as well as a proper primer. My all time favourite, which really needs to be repurchased, is the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize 'Jean'.  A long lasting cream eyeshadow, it's the perfect champagne shimmer to prime your eyelids. It has such a subtle shimmer to it and is perfect for those lighter glitter looks.

Another Christmas gift from my flatmate, and another BareMinerals find is the Moxie Plumping Lip Gloss Karat.  This year I've really fallen in love with lipgloss, and this has already made its way to the top of my list. It's a gorgeous pure gold shimmer lip gloss topper to add on any lipstick. Now you'll notice my swatch has a bit of a nude undertone, which was because I used this on top of Velvet Teddy the other day which looked amazing so it still has some residue. It's got that peppermint tingly sensation but it's not uncomfortable at all. I wouldn't say I notice a massive lip plumping difference, but the colour and affect is sensational.

Left to Right: Mac Cosmetics Nutcracker Pigment 'Handsome Prince', Bareminerals Moxie Plumping Gloss 'Karat', BareMinerals Metal Eye 'Sunstone', BareMinerals Metal Eye 'Pink Opal', No7 Shimmer Palette Rose, Charlotte Tilbury 'Jean' 


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