Saturday, January 4, 2020

Top 19 in 2019

Now that I've finally got my head around the fact that 2020 is here, I thought I'd, as ever, do a recap of my Top moments of the year. Last years Top 18 in 2018 (get the theme?) was filled with amazing memories, and I think having a blog post like this to look back on is great. 2019 was filled with some amazing adventures and I'm so excited to see what 2020 has in store for me! So here we go 2019, the year of headbands, Gavin & Stacey & blogger drama:

1. Tenerife, Crete, Marbella 

Work as been as mental as ever this year, but with that has come some incredible trips. My favourite requires it's own top moment (see number 4) but the others have been just as memorable. Whether that's Tenerife where we just all went mental on the last night, I felt like I couldn't expense my drunk 5am McDonald's and Crete where there was the earthquake at 7am in the morning, they've definitely implanted in my mind.

2. Waitress

If there's one musical that's made a massive impact on what I've been listening to, it's been Waitress. I went to go see it at the beginning of this year when Katherine McPhee was playing Jenna, and I was absolutely in awe over her voice. It's such a fantastic show, a definite must see. I'm so lucky as well as Sara Bareilles is doing a special couple of weeks performance as Jenna and my flatmate and I have tickets to go! 

3. Disney on Broadway Concert 

My sister well my cousin, but we call each other sisters and I went to go see Disney on Broadway where they play some of Disney's classics and famous songs at the Albert Hall. Literally anything with Disney is a winner in my books. 

4. Thailand 

I don't think I will ever have a work trip that will ever top my trip to Ko Samui. I spent two weeks there where we were filming in the most surreal locations. I got to go to an elephant sanctuary, have a day filming on a private beach, visit temples, watch a fire show and taste some of the most glorious food. 

5. York 

My flatmate and I also went up to York to see our lovely friend Kate who lived up there. As part of my 2019 goals I wanted to travel to more UK cities and I absolutely fell in love with York. We walked the city walls and it was the most picturesque city.

6.  25th Birthday

As per every one of these 'Top' blog posts, there will always be my birthday. This year I hit the mid-twenties with my 25th birthday. I had a 'Movie' themed birthday, where obviously I dressed up as Sandy and remember having such a good night. I'm actually someone who enjoys my birthday as it's one night I can get all my friends from different groups together, plus I love me a theme.

7. The Script

The Script is a band that a while back I was listening to a load of, but haven't really thought about going to one of their concerts until my flatmate got tickets for her birthday. We went to go see them with her dad and brother and honestly it was a brilliant concert.It was also a charity concert and it felt so intimate and re-lit the inner fan in me. 

8. Shawn Mendes

Probably a concert where my flatmate and I definitely felt the age gap, we saw Shawn on his UK music tour at the O2. We were sat in the absolute gods which for someone terrified of heights wasn't fab but he was so brilliant we were pretty fan-girling...even though everyone around us was like 15.

9. Baltic Adventure

Also this year my mum and I decided on a Baltic adventure where we would travel to Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden). It was definitely a lot to cram into 1 week, with max 2 days spent in each city, but it was just enough to see everything in every city and tasted some of the most amazing food out there.

10. Spice Girls

I mean was it even 2019 if you didn't go to the Spice Girls reunion? This concert literally felt like you were being chucked right back into the 90's. I have never seen so many pairs of dungarees, scrunchies and glitter face makeup. Favourite moment, recreating the dance movements to 'Stop'. 

11. Royal Ascot

A day where me, my grandma and my mum went to Royal Ascot and I felt pretty much like the most boujee person ever. Between my grandma and me we would have won quite a bit, but because we were doing a kitty and my mum has the worst betting luck, we actually only just came out even. The highlight though was definitely getting dressed up and wearing a hat.

12. Züri Fäscht 

In July I went home to Switzerland for a couple of days, and not only was the weather absolutely stunning, but it was also a year where Züri Fäscht takes place. Züri Fäscht is a festival that only happens every 3 years and I don't think my entire time living their (15 years) I ever went to it. It's kind of like Nottinghill Carnival...if it shut down and took over an entire city.

13. Nice

One of my favourite city breaks we've done, Emily and I went to Nice for a long weekend. The perfect combination of city break and beach holiday, we had the most carb and ice cream filled weekend. Basically Rome 2018 2.0. Nice is an absolute dream. 

14. US Trip

I'm sure everyone saw my US trip where Emily and I went off to the US for 2 weeks where we traveled to Nashville, Chicago and LA. Although fret with an allergic reaction to a wasp sting, gaining 2 kg and getting washed out by Californian waves, it was fricking amazing. I've found a new Country obsession and think London needs to get behind having murals all over the city.

15. The High Low Podcast Live

My first podcast live, I have been a solid podcast listener this year and was so excited to go see Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. They are incredibly funny and as journalists and just generally quick witted women, they have such a great take on popular culture. 

16. TV Choice Awards

An event that is both in last years, and this years top moments is the TV choice awards. Of course always crazy to organize, and I literally got a ridiculously last minute invite literally think it was 15 mins before the red carpet opened but it's always a great night for work. 

17. Sleeping Beauty - Royal Opera House

Last year my mum and I went to go see the Nutcracker, and this year it was Sleeping Beauty. I absolutely adore the ballet and Sleeping Beauty was no exception. I was blown away by their poise. I used to do ballet for around 12 years when I was younger and it's really triggered a new found love....and potentially a new hobby for me to get into in the New Year. 

18. Shelter Walk 

Because a marathon and a charity run are basically no goes I really have tried to build up my running momento but I cannot run for the life of me, Emily and I decided to sign up for the 10km London Walk for Shelter. We raised money and actually managed 10k which is bloody far. Christ how I ever thought I could run a marathon is beyond me. 

19. A Surprise...

So I do have something new and exciting to put in here, but can't announce it officially just yet, but once I do, I'll update this post ASAP... So here it is, the surprise, well it is for me anyways. Over Christmas I accepted a new job and will be starting it in late February. I'm super excited (obviously nervous a little) but I'm really excited for the exciting change!

What have been some of your 2019 highlights? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I've always dreamed of going to Thailand, it sounds like such a beautiful place! It sounds like you had such an eventful 2019, looking forward to hearing what the surprise is!

    My Lovelier Days

  2. What a fabulous year you've had! So much travel! x


  3. Ko Samui is beaut, loved it there! Also, glad you had a great year, lots of exciting memories!

    zoey |

  4. You did so many fun things in 2019! It was so lovely to read all about them and I'm excited to hear what you've got to announce. I hope 2020 is a great year for you xx

    Lauren |

  5. It sounds like you've had such a great year! Super intrigued by the surprise too, how exciting! Disney on Broadway sounds so good!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. You had a great year! Nice jumper <3 Nice post.

    Have a great day!




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