Saturday, March 14, 2020

Stepping Into Spring Makeup

There have been small ounces and pockets of Spring that's been seeping through London and I'm almost certain it means we are edging full force into Spring time. Although saying that, it has been known to blizzard snow in March time too, so who knows. Essentially I've seen some sun and I'm now in the mood to start including some more spring-like makeup into my everyday routine.

As you can see from the colour palette, something I tend to only really use in the Spring and Summer time are rose/gold pink eyeshadows. My Urban Decay Naked 3 palette isn't one that really gets a lot of love, apart from this time of the year, so I try and really use it a lot this time of the year. Although there are some more neutral shades in there, even the brown shades have a pink/berry undertone. My favourite combo is using 'Limit' all over the lid, 'Nooner' in the crease, and then as a shimmer all over, a mix between 'Burnout' and 'Buzz'.

A product that is quite new in my collection that hasn't received that much love is the BareMinerals Metal Eyes Gift Set* which sadly is out of stock as it was a Christmas limited edition (however they do the other shades to be purchased solo). One of the shades in there is called 'Citrine' and it's a perfect highlighter for brow bones and inner corners.  I wouldn't recommend it as an all over lid colour, but as a highlight it's gorgeous!

A long time favourite in my collection has been the I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts Blusher 'Pink Kisses' . I think this exact shade is discontinued from Superdrug but you can still buy it off their website, and I have always been obsessed with this. I wear it more as a blush topper as its almost not pigmented enough to wear solely on its own, but it's a gorgeous pink highlighter shade, but rather than being super intense to wear as a highlighter, a couple of strokes on top of a blush adds such a lovely finish and sheen to it.

When it comes to face powder, during the winter months I tend to go for something a bit more matte like my BareMinerals Mineral Veil, but when it comes to Spring time it's all about the glow. The Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls Of Powderis probably one of the most boujee products I own. At £45 they are not exactly cheap, but my god does this product work wonders. It's such a fine powder and the pearls leave a lovely iridescent glow to your skin as well. 

Finally for lipstick, it's time to be reunited with my one true love, Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick 'Bitch Perfect'. I can't really wear this lipstick any other time of the year as it's such a pale peachy pink, that unless I've got the faintest of tans it can wash me out, but thankfully as I have already had a little bit of sun already this year, I've started introducing it back into my makeup routine. It's such a stunning shade and we all know how Charlotte Tilbury formula is second to none! 

Let me know in the comments below, are you ready for Spring? Have you started introducing those Spring-time makeup bits into your routine already? 


  1. I love the dark, heavier Winter looks so much that I always try to delay the Spring looks as much as possible. But that blush is beautiful!

    🌸 My Boudoir 🌸 Instagram 🌸 Bloglovin 🌸

  2. Who doesn't love a cute pink/gold/rose gold eyeshadow look! It's perfect for the spring too. The naked 3 palette has some many of these lovely shades x
    Amber |

  3. I love pink kisses from I heart makeup, it's such a gorgeous shade and perfect for spring! That lipstick is such a pretty colour
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  4. Love the lipstick and those Guerlain pearls are so cute! x

    Beautylymin | Dr Jart Giveaway

  5. MAC Brave has really been working for me lately, although the Charlotte Tilbury option sounds perfect for this time of year!

    Jodie //

  6. I always forget to reach for my Naked 3 palette but it is such a pretty palette and one that works perfectly for spring time!x

    Lauren |

  7. I forgot how pretty the Naked 3 palette is, its perfect for spring! the blusher is so pretty!


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