Thursday, April 9, 2020

How to Celebrate Easter At Home

Whether you were supposed to go away this weekend, or spend it with family, this Easter probably isn't going to be how you'd planned it. So I've put together a couple of things that you can do with both family/friends/flatmates to get you in the Easter spirit at home.

Organise an "at home" Easter Egg hunt - Whether it's in your back garden, or if you have a flat, around the flat, nothing can get between me and an Easter egg. My flatmate and I were supposed to be in Brussels, but if we can't go to the chocolate, we must bring the chocolate to us. We've organised an Easter egg hunt for each other, writing up clues around the house; think hiding places like Microwave, washing machine, kitchen cupboards - don't worry Em, these aren't where I've chosen to hide them ha! Anagrams and rhymes make the clues as hard as you want!

Do some Easter Baking - Easter is probably one of my favourite seasons to bake for. Mainly because Easter chocolate is my favourite kind of chocolate to incorporate and it's definitely the prettiest aesthetically. Give yourself a challenge, bake something new that you never would have baked before or if you've got kids you can never go wrong with rice Krispy cakes. I've got a couple of Easter recipes on my blog here, all relatively easy as well; The Ultimate Mini Egg Easter Cookies, Cadbury's Mini Egg Millionaire's Shortbread , Caramel Chocolate Creme Egg Brownies & Chocolate Easter Wreath 

Get Creative - There are so many arts and crafty things you can do to get creative with your flatmates/friends/family. Not something that I ever did, but apparently making an Easter Bonnet is a thing? Take a look on Pinterest  for different bonnet ideas, and you can even run a fashion show with your kids or anyone. Another idea is seeing what's available online,  Escape Hunt have downloadable Easter packs here which are filled with brain-teasing puzzles, mindfulness colouring pages and scavenger hunt clues for indoor hunt (if you don't want to come up with your own) it's perfect for all ages to get involved in.

DIY/Write Easter Cards - I think at this time there is nothing lovelier than getting some post. Whether you write to some family members you may not be with at this time of the year, or even a stranger it's something that can really brighten up there day. You can now also have the time to get crafty, make the cards or letters personalised. Check out the Facebook group called "Postcards of Kindness" which has a long list of care homes you can write to who would love to receive a card or letter.

Cosy Down with an Easter Film - After a long day of scavenging, sit down with one of your Easter bakes and a cup of tea and watch an Easter film. One's that scream Easter to me; Peter Rabbit, Christopher Robbin, Hop & Babe.

Let me know how you'll be celebrating Easter at home and if you have any other tips comment them down below!


  1. Love these ideas! I have some cooking chocolate and I'm going to make rice krispie buns for the occasion! Also managed to pick up some essential easter eggs yesderday from the shop ;P xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  2. These are such lovely ideas! I'm going to try to do some easter baking xx

    Lauren |

  3. Until I read this post I'd almost accepted that I would just let Easter pass me by this year. This is so motivating ! I love the idea of doing an indoor Easter egg hunt, I'm going to pick some little eggs up when I go and do the food shop tomorrow. I think I'll also give some Easter baking a go. My mum always makes amazing homemade hot cross buns at this time of year. It might be a nice way to connect by making them over facetime together.

    I hope you have a great Easter !

    Marianne xxx

  4. Great post, I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! I'm planning on doing some baking.

    Shelley x

  5. I'd definitely love to bake during this at-home Easter so I'm looking forward to that. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

    My Lovelier Days

  6. LOOK PERFECT for easter breakfast, a must try ! I love to bake

  7. Great tips! We're having lots of chocolate and films (oh and some fresh air in the garden!) x

    Beautylymin | Ecooking Beauty Bundle Giveaway

  8. Yes to Easter baking!!! Literally going to pop down to the kitchen in a bit to make some hot cross buns :') These are some lovely suggestions xx

  9. Lovely ideas :) today I watched Harry Potter back to back and ate chocolate! Bliss. Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx

  10. My mum does the shopping and usually (since I'm from Belgium) we get the most amazing chocolate, as we're used to, from some of the best chocolate stores here in Belgium. This year,not so much. We didn't think much in advance and were too late to order from those brands, so mum ended up picking up some creme eggs from the bakery. They are the worst I've ever tasted , to be fair. I rally do miss my good old chocolate eggs. Might have to put "good chocolate" on the shopping list :') (I know, first world problems right now, eh?) Hope you had a great Easter Sunday nonetheless!

    Love, Charline |


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