Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ultimate Mini Egg Easter Cookies

Next weekend is not exactly the Easter I had planned, my flatmate and I were supposed to be in Brussels this weekend, but we are safe and still ensuring we're having as much of an Easter experience as possible. We've got ourselves an Easter Egg hunt (around the flat) for each other and doing some Easter baking including these mini egg cookies. I know that everyone has their cookie recipe, but I have to say my flatmate's chocolate chip cookies are pretty delicious @tablegrams, the secret ingredient? Condensed milk. Oh and a bit of vanilla essence added to the recipe, because I'm obsessed with vanilla essence. And because it's Easter, rather than making just chocolate chip cookies, you'll want to add in your Easter Egg chocolate of choice. 

One thing to bear in mind is that because of the heat, a sugar coated easter egg chocolate is your best bet to keep them looking like Eggs in the cookies rather than a melted chocolate mess, so Cadbury's Mini Eggs my ultimate fave, Terry's Chocolate Orange mini eggs, Smarties Mini Eggs or M&M's Eggs would work perfectly for these cookies. 

Servings: 25 Cookies 


350g self-raising flour 
190g Mini Eggs 
200g @carnation_uk condensed milk
250g softened salted butter
100g caster sugar
100g soft brown sugar
3 drops of Vanilla Essence


1. Heat your oven at 180 degrees 
2. Cream the butter, sugar and condensed milk together until combined (we use a mixer). 
3. Fold in the flour to make a dough 
4. Crush (but not too much) half of the mini eggs. Leave the other half non crushed. Fold in the mini eggs 
5. This mixture makes around 25 balls. Let them sit in the fridge for 30 minutes *this is super important!* 
6. Line 3 baking sheets with baking parchment and bake for 13-15 minutes. Ensure to take them out when they are a nice light golden brown colour so they aren't overdone.
7. Devour the entire batch in 10 minutes from excitement. Or share with friends, that's okay too!

Note ** These cookies are also perfect for home freezing, so once you've finished step 5, feel free to put some of them in the freezer so you can bake them another day.



  1. I'm going to need to make these but only if we have enough space on our food delivery this week for them but oh my god 😍 they look absoloutely amazing! Thank you for sharing the recipe xx

    Lauren |

  2. I'm not even the biggest cookie fan but I think I'd eat a half dozen of these! Yum! x

    Beautylymin | Ecooking Beauty Bundle Giveaway

  3. These honestly look amazing! This is what I dream my cookies will look like one day haha. Thanks for sharing the recipe xx

    My Lovelier Days

  4. They look incredible!!! Everyone seems to be baking at the moment and I love seeing all the different creations people have been coming up with. We made some easter biscuits this weekend, I need to make these next!
    Amber |

  5. These look so good! xx

  6. These look amazing! I've been baking a lot recently, and I think I need to give these a go xx

    Hannah |

  7. These look absolutely delicious, I think I may have to make a batch!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. Oh my goodness these look insane! I love mini eggs and cookies and am wondering why I have never thought of putting them together before :')

    // xx


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