Friday, May 15, 2020

My Top Tips for Makeup Longevity

I'm a bit dubious to put up a makeup blog post as I've realised they are definitely not doing as well in terms of readership as my lifestyle content, probably because let's be realistic, we're probably wearing 90% less makeup than usual, but the other day the light was fab in my bedroom and I couldn't resist taking a quick makeup shot and alas here we are.

Although I've been wearing makeup approximately twice week, still too much if you ask me, when I have been wearing it, it's usually been for the fact that I have family quizzes in the evening which result in dressing up. Therefore, although it's not like I'm going out clubbing or meeting people after work, the intent is still there, I want my makeup to last me the whole day. I've tried so many different products, so many different routines that I feel as if I now have a grip on which products do and don't work for me and a couple of tips I can share on how to keep that perfect base for longer.

Know Your Skin Type 

I cannot emphasise this enough. Before all the lotions and potions it's so important to know what your skin type is as that will ultimately affect what kind of products you'll be looking for, and what the best combination is. Is your skin oily, combination, dry? Is it textured? All of these will make a difference to how best to tackle your base. Personally I have extremely dehydrated skin, so I'm all about the hydration, but with the hydration, there's also the need to balance it out with a product for grip. With dehydrated skin I also have the issue of my skin looking tired and dull too, so I need to find a product that incorporates a mixture between it all. 

The Right Primer

There are thousands of different primers out there in the market and to know to buy totally depends on what you want it focus on.

Illuminate - This is one of my main concern areas and something I look out for the most along with hydration. When you've got hydrated skin, something that tends to happen is that the skin can look dull and lifeless. One of my favourite primers for this is the Mac Strobe Cream. Another brilliant one is the Becca First Light Priming Filter. These primers are aimed at brightening skin and give your skin a glow and refreshed complexion.

Grip/Longevity - This is for those who tend to have more oily skin types and are looking for a primer that is there for the long haul. I know that a lot of people aren't a fan of a tacky primer, but I do find the tackier my primer, the better my makeup lasts. However it's a fine balance between one that is sticky and uncomfortable and tacky that holds a grip. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer  are there to add a layer to your skin that results in promising longevity. 

Hydrate - Here's to all the dehydrated skin, nothing is worse than putting foundation or powder onto a dry and flakey base. A lot of the time I tend to mix an illuminating and hydrating primer together, just to really give my skin the extra brightness to it. I've really been enjoying the NYX Bare with Me Moisturising Jelly primer. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy, but also doesn't have a negative effect on the longevity of your makeup either. Another cult favourite is the Too Faced Hangover Primer well loved by the dry skin community! 

Pore Reduce/Soften - I don't tend to use these very often as they usually are more silicone based ones and as I have dry skin, silicone seems to sit funny on my skin. However, primers that are Pore reducing I would recommend via other recommendations here's looking at you mum, is the No7 Airbrush Away Primer and the Benefit Porefessional Face Primer  all aimed at reducing pores and softening the skin. 


Of course the last step to keep you makeup looking fresh throughout the day is investing in a good setting spray. I'm still on the fence on a couple of the drugstore ones but some of my all time favourites would have to be the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray,  Morphe Continuos Setting Mist  (for a heavier makeup base) and the Mario Badescu Face Spray (for lighter makeup days). 

And my last tip. Don't touch your face! I know this is something that's really been ingrained into our life during the passed couple of months, but the places I notice my makeup fading the most are my skin and forehead, the places I probably touch and lean on the most during the day.

Let me know in the comments below some of your tips for keeping your base looking perfect for longer! 


  1. Definitely not wearing makeup these days :') I'm glad I have chosen to set aside Sundays as the day of the week I actually put on a spot of makeup and some "real" clothes haha! These are some fab tips, I definitely should use primer a lot more often xx

  2. I am definitely not wearing a lot of makeup at the moment (unless it's a shooting day!) but I still love reading makeup posts. Makeup longevity is actually something I never really bother with haha, but I'vel always wanted to get a setting spray. The UD All Nighter seems to be a general favourite, but Mario Badescu is a brand I've been meaning to try for ages so that could be a great option too. Thank you for sharing your tips and products!
    Have an aweseome weekend Caroline!

    Julia x

  3. I find the right primer and working in thin layers works best for me x


  4. I am obsessed with the Mario Badescu spray - it keeps my makeup looking so fresh throughout the day! Trying to test out my primers more at the minute too as I usually forget about them! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  5. I have very dry skin, so the Too Faced Hangover Primer sounds really good! xx


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