Monday, November 23, 2020

Cohorted Beauty Box November*


[AD Contains Gifted Product] Last month I was super impressed with my beauty box that I had received from Cohorted with brands including Too Faced and Laura Mercier, so I was excited to get my Cohorted Beauty Box November*I'd seen quite a few posts online from other people so it wasn't much to a surprise. As per the September box, this month's box was a collaboration with a specific brand Verso. 

I sometimes find myself a little bit disappointed when subscription boxes don't have a diverse number of brands and products in them. As someone who has taken forever in cracking my skincare, I don't tend to like to introduce new products into my regime for the fear that they can mess up my skin.  I'd not heard of Verso before I was a little skeptical of this box. However it had such amazing feedback and I see it's a brand stocked on LookFantastic, Cult Beauty etc so I put my thoughts aside to delve in. 

This box contains the below products 

Verso Skincare - Micellar Water 30ml 
Verso Skincare - Day Cream 15ml 
Verso Skincare - Nourishing Cream 15ml 
Verso Skincare - Super Facial Serum 10ml 
Verso Skincare - Hydration Serum 10ml 
Verso Skincare - Antioxidant Booster 30ml
Verso Skincare - Super Eye Serum 7ml
Verso Skincare - Nourish Eye Cream 20ml 
Verso Skincare - Deep Hydration Mask 
Verso Skincare - Acne Deep Cleanse 150ml 
BDK Parfums - Gris Charnel 2ml Vial 

RRP: £332.55

The products that definitely stand out for me as ones to get use out of are the hydration mask, micellar water and the eye cream. To be honest mainly the reason being as a lot of the time with products like serums, boosters and vials? I have to do a lot of research before. Obviously looking at the RRP being £333 and the box costing £39.99, it's definitely worth it, especially if you're a fan of the brand which a lot of people seem to be!  If you are, you can actually buy this box one-off for £50 rather than as a subscription, which is still a massive saving.

Let me know your thoughts re subscription beauty boxes. How do you feel about brand-specific collated ones, or are you like me who prefers them with multiple different brands and products? I think Cohorted do one random box and then one brand curated and switches between the two. 



  1. Ah sounds great, thanks for review!

    Allie of

  2. Ooo haven't heard of this brand before, sounds good! x

    Zoey |

    1. Me neither but the consensus online is that loads of people really like the brand! xx

  3. I've tried a few Verso products and they're definitely a results driven brand. This box is amazing value! x


    1. I've heard now loads of people now saying they love Verso! Can't believe I hadn't heard of it before x

  4. Wow, this is crazy good value and I am gutted I've missed it! I've only tried some minis from Verso before but was so impressed! Really need to check out Cohorted! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. you can still buy the box it's just £50 instead of £39.99. I hadn't heard anything about Verso before but it seems so many people love it! xx

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    i want invite you to visit and follow my blog back <3

  6. I've not heard of this brand before, but this sounds really good!xx


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