Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Beauty Advent Calendar Favourites

This year was the first year I had a beauty advent calendar. I never actually got round to writing up my Week 3 unboxing, mainly because in the run up to Christmas I kind of give myself a break - but instead of a Week 3, I thought instead I'd do some of my favourite products I received in beauty advent calendars this year. I bought myself the ASOS Face + Beauty Calendar, which was a full 24 doors and my flatmate and I shared a Trader Joe's 12 Days of Beauty one our friend sent over from across the pond, so we had that one too! 

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - ASOS Face + Beauty Calendar

I remember looking at the calendar and I wanted to make sure that there were a couple of products/brands that I knew and I'm obsessed with First Aid Beauty Moisturiser so wanted to try the Cleanser. I've used it for a week now and am loving it. Makes my skin feel clean and doesn't make it feel tight or dehydrated after. 

Becca Backlight Priming Filter - ASOS Face + Beauty Calendar

I actually have very few primers so I was excited to receive two in the advent calendar. Firstly I've wanted to try the Becca one for ages as I've heard it's amazing for those with drier skin and it makes it look really bright. It reminds me of the Mac Strobe cream but is even more illuminating. 

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer - ASOS Face + Beauty Calendar

I then got this primer and I've seen this being raved about loads by bloggers and beauty gurus. Sometimes when I get textured skin or my pores are showing a bit more, I want to stay away from an illuminating primer as it tends to make it more visible. I hope this will give my skin a nice base to it a definite highlight! 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - ASOS Face + Beauty Calendar
When opening this advent calendar I was getting a bit annoyed with myself as it was mostly skincare and haircare products so I remember opening this up and being incredibly thrilled. I used to have this mascara and was obsessed with it for the longest time. Although obviously I wish it was a full sized, I was so happy to have gotten some beauty bits. 

Trader Joe's Clementine Body Butter - Trader Joe's 12 Days Advent Calendar 

As someone with dry and dehydrated skin, I seem to lack a lot of body butter so I was so excited to get a mini pot of this in the calendar. This body butter smells unreal and is so nice and thick and creamy. I actually love that it's a mini pot because you can take it away with you. 

Mac Cosmetics Marrakesh - ASOS Face + Beauty Calendar

I haven't actually purchased a mac lipstick in so long, but this was day 24's product, so the final one and I'm actually really pleased! I don't have this shade of lipstick and as much as some people think Mac lipsticks are overrated, which I understand especially with so many new brands out here, I do find their red lipsticks brilliant for longevity and colour pay-off. I can't wait to wear this one during the Winter months! 

Let me know what products you got in your beauty advent calendars and which were your highlights! I need inspo for Advent Calendar 2021! 



  1. You've had some amazing products from your beauty advent calendar! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. I know! I have to say there were A LOT of face masks and hair products, but I was super pleased with quite a few of them x

  2. 2021 will be the year I get a beauty advent calendar, these are some amazing bits! x

    1. Definitely do! I loved it, although I definitely need to use all the products up before I even think about anymore skincare xx

  3. All of these products are things that I either still want to try or have thought about trying in the past! One of these years, I definitely need to get myself a beauty advent calendar x


    1. I know! I was so pleased they were in the calendar, definitely made it worth while xx

  4. Lovely round up of favourites!

    www.upyourvlog.com | www.tillyandrouge.co.uk

  5. I need to try more first aid beauty skincare, their AHA intense peel mask is my ride or die. x


  6. The Becca primer sounds lovely. I used to use Becca highlighters but I ended up smashing them on the floor on my wedding day haha! Love that brand though. I'm going to have to get my hands on a beauty advent calendar this year. x

    Zoey | www.zoeyolivia.com


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