Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Recent Lifestyle Favourite

I'm not entirely sure when I'll ever be doing another beauty favourites, definitely not in the next couple of months so the lifestyle favourites will continue until the near future. I can't believe we're only day 12 into the year and already I've got some lifestyle favourites to share. Usually this time of the year I'd be gallivanting around meeting up with friends post Christmas and be stressed with the post-festivities at work, but instead I've been eating, dancing and watching my way through January and wanted to share some of them with you. 


I mean what more can I say apart from the duke. THE DUKE PEOPLE. If you haven't been watching Bridgerton, what the hell have you been doing in January? Based on Julia Quinn's novels, this period-drama is everything we needed to start 2021 off with. Sexy men, check. Scandal. check. Orchestral arrangements of Ariana Grande. Check. A lot of sex and glad you didn't watch it with your parents. Check.

Back To Life 

We randomly started watching this whilst deciding what to watch next after finishing How To Get Away With Murder (what an odd last series that was). A dark comedy-drama, it follows Miri who has been imprisoned for 18 years for a horrific crime and how she tries to re-introduce herself into society. To me this sort of has a mix of After Life and Dead To Me. It's uncomfortable to watch but also extremely funny in some places. 


I've mentioned EmKFit quite a bit on blog posts for workouts but we have become obsessed with doing her dance workouts once a week at home. We try and mix up doing a full dance workout, EmKFit and a HIIT style workout during the week. I love her workouts because you properly feel a burn and they're such fun. No matter your music style she's got you covered, everything from rock, musicals, high school musical, Taylor, you're sorted! 

Love Myself Olivia O'Brien 

I don't know whether it's my job in radio or lockdown, but I have become full embraced into new music. Don't get me wrong I used to always love music but now I've become pretty obsessed with finding new songs and this is one of my favourites. Apart from the lyrics being absolutely fantastic, all I end up doing is screaming this around in the living room. Also the perfect 2021 attitude is this song. 

Mini Egg Chocolate Bar 

Okay. I know. It's not bloody Easter. It's not even the end of January, but my flatmate got me a Cadbury;s Mini Eggs bar from B&M and it is bloody delicious. Essentially it's a giant bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk with tiny micro mini eggs throughout it. Annoyingly they are bloody difficult to find, I originally could only find them in massive Sainsbury's but obviously after going there for a shop and picking up quite a few...I found them at my local Coop ha. Apparently you can get them at ASDA too. 

I think everyone has needed a bit of positivity recently especially in lockdown 3.0. I picked this up last year but have only just read it this year and I love this book. I've followed Charlie Mackesy on Instagram for a while and he is the most beautiful illustrator and story teller. All these stories and illustrations are exactly what you need to hear at this time; love, friendship, and togetherness. 

Let me know if you've been watching/eating/dancing to any of the above or if you've got any recent lifestyle favourites! 



  1. Love a lifestyle favourites! Chocolate is always a good favourite!

  2. Such a great roundup! I love the mini egg chocolate bar, it's so good! I've been meaning to start watching Bridgerton for so long, everyone loves it!xx

    Hannah |

  3. I really need to jump on the Bridgerton hype - it sounds great. Also neeeed a mini egg chocolate bar in my life!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. I'm yet to watch Bridgerton but I've heard good things! Also I really want to read that book! x

    Lucy |

  5. I loved Bridgerton! The Duke... oh my! I still need to get my hands on the mini egg chocolate bar. x

    Zoey |

  6. Thank you for mentioning EmKFit! It looks like I'm gonna have lotsa fun while doing workout xx

    lenne |

  7. Love these kinda posts! I tried the mini egg bar but I found it too similar to the Smarties bars?? I do love the Smarties bars but it wasn't what I was expecting, if that makes sense

  8. I've been definitely doing lots of dancing and singing. Music is my always helps me lift my mood.

  9. Yes, THE DUKE. Haha! I loved Bridgerton (even though there were some questionnable plot points in my opinion) and I saw yesterday that there will be a season 2!!
    I need to read the Charlie Mackesy novel - saw it around Instagram a few times and it seems like such a lovely read. Thank you for sharing! :)

    Julia x
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  10. I've heard endless good things about the show Bridgerton - I'll need to check it out. x

  11. I;ve been meaning to pick up the Charlie Makesy book! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  12. Girl I LOVED Bridgerton and need more in my life!

    Lisa |


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