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Top 20 in 2020

Well, this is going to be hard. For the past couple of years, I've done a "Top" [insert number] in [insert year] post, choosing my favourite moments throughout the year, so that one year I'll be able to look back on it. 2019 was a fabulous year with 19 moments including lots of travelling, concerts, award shows - post here. 2018 was just as exciting with 18 moments including; a new job, more concerts, more travels and basically just lots of things that we really take for granted - post here 

So 20 things in 2020, this is going to be interesting, because let's be honest, what a bloody rubbish year. Regardless, I'm not letting this stop my streak so here we go! 

1. Southampton 

Probably the last time I properly went clubbing clubbing was in January 2020 when the girls from uni and I met up in Southampton and we had a night out. I remember being quite drunk but looking back on it it's made me miss simple things like a night out with the girls. 

2. Brothers Visit & Kew Gardens

My brother came to visit in late January and as always our weekend consisted of mostly eating and sight seeing. We went to Kew Gardens and the Saatchi Museum for the Tutankhamun exhibition. Food always follows with visits to market stalls and Sunday roasts. 

3. Waitress #2 

Feeling extremely lucky to have seen this place twice and this time with Sara Bareilles, the songwriter playing the lead role as well. This was actually also in my Top 19 in 2019, because it's that good. I adore this musical and honestly would go see it numerous times all over again. The songs, the storyline, just everything is amazing and I adored it! 

4. Family Afternoon Tea

For my birthday and my cousins birthdays, we all went out for an afternoon tea together. It feels mad that this happened this year, as there was seven of us all closely squeezed and gorging on tea, scones and finger sandwiches. We had such a lovely day and hope it won't be long until we can do something like that all together. We went to The Tea Terrace in Cobham. 

5. Hamilton 

In March, literally a couple of weeks before lockdown, my mum flew over. We had tickets for my birthday to see Hamilton and also a very educational Taming of the Shrew. We had such fantastic seats for Hamilton, it's really made me miss going to the theatre! 

6. Dominican Republic 

I was still in my old job in January, and one of my last work trips was to go to Dominican Republic. Although it wasn't all sunshine and cocktails, I still tried to make the best out of it as it was going to be my last trip. I had a fab time with the people I went with, and we stayed in an incredibly great hotel and it was just a lot of good fun with those who were out there.Although that job allowed me to do some fabulous things, it's always good to move on which is when...

7. A New Job 

I revealed in my 2019 post that I had gotten a new job. In February I started on a new venture. I moved out of television production into radio. It's been just under 10 months here and although I still feel very new at everything radio is quite different to TV I've really been enjoying it. I've learned a lot about the business and the other side of entertainment. 

8. The Global Awards 

2 weeks into my new job was my first big work event. Sadly it was my last for now as a couple of weeks later COVID hit. This was my first experience working on the other side of the award show, and it was definitely a learning curve. 

9. My Birthday 

Sadly my birthday was literally 3 days before lockdown, and originally I was going to have my birthday party on the Saturday, but I decided to cancel it as it felt just irresponsible. However, I woke up to the loveliest Zoom call with all my family including cousins that my flatmate had organised. Then had an evening of pizza making and board games and to be honest it felt really lovely, different, but lovely! 

10. Family Zoom Calls 

As much as COVID sucked, like completely sucked, my family got together once a week and we started a weekly pub quiz. I really enjoyed doing these with my family and I actually miss them. We used to get dressed up, choose the most random themes and it was such a laugh to see what everyone managed to find in their costume boxes. 

11. Going Home

One of the highlights of this year was finally seeing my parents. I went home to Switzerland when the travel corridors allowed and it felt so nice to see them. I hadn’t seen my dad for 6 months and as everyone I’m sure felt, not seeing family was hard.  Honestly, I really did take for granted that I could just fly home whenever -  but when I went home it felt so nice to have a bit of normality. 

12. My Mums 60th & Grandma's 90th 

My birthday wasn't much to celebrate this year as I cancelled all my plans as it was 2 days before lockdown happened, but my mums 60th and 90th was a lovely socially distanced and small gathering, both of which were lovely to see family. My mum's was a Mary Poppins themed one where we all dressed up as characters from the movie and did outdoor games like pin the bow on the penguin, and chalk paintings on the pavement. 

13.  Spain 

After Switzerland the four of us went to our place in Spain for a week which we were incredibly lucky to go to when the travel corridors were open. It was nice to have a bit of Summer sunshine and although the rules were incredibly strict in Spain, it was worth it to see my family obviously we were sensible/followed all the rules.

14. Snoopy

We adopted our rescue feline during lockdown. She's 15 years old and although she's a bloomin nightmare sometimes, the flat would feel so empty without her now. She's got a proper cats personality but her sass is totally worth it when she gives in and becomes a lap cat. 

15. The Seaside 

Sadly the travel corridors closed, and it meant that the only trips out we were allowed to take again included UK city trips. My aunty, uncle, cousin and I went on a seaside trip and walk and we had such amazing weather. We walked along this beautiful beach and then enjoyed a pub fish & chips. Probably one of my favourite days this year. 

16. Windsor castle

When all was slightly back to normal in September, Em and I went to Windsor for the day. It was so lovely with tickets to the castle and because there were so few people and none of the royal family were there we could actually go to the Summer garden which is usually closed for visitors. 

17. Eat out to help out

As much as it was a calamity in the sense of raising COVID cases, it gave my flat mate and I an opportunity to take advantage of trying out some amazing new local restaurants including El Pastor, Restaurant Murado and Paladar. And if you’ve done the scheme you know how cheap it got. 

18. Mischief Movie night

The one time I managed to make it to the theatre in lockdown and really the only festive thing we ended up doing, we’d booked this improv show and it was fabulous. Run by Mischief Theatre who do plays like “The Play That Goes Wrong” and “Peter Pan Goes Wrong”. It’s a bit of slapstick comedy but it was brilliant and it felt amazing to be back at the theatre! 

19. A Christmas like no other

We can all agree Christmas was an odd one this year. With flights to Zurich cancelled and no ability to get home for the hols (or my parents coming over) I spent it with my Aunty and uncle just the three of us. Totally bizarre but actually felt incredibly grateful to have them and actually had a lovely day!  

20. New Years 

I mean I wouldn't say it was the best new years, but drinking Prosecco and ordering Dominoes - not going to lie, beats standing out in the cold, pissed and I actually managed to avoid a hangover and do a 15km walk on New Years day. More importantly, I'm ready to leave 2020 behind, I'm sure we all are! 

Let me know in the comments below some of your favourite moments this year - hopefully my Top 21 in 2021 is going to be a bit more...exciting! 



  1. 2020 was a weird year wasn't it but glad you had some great moments despite everything going on. My fave moment of 2020 was getting my puppy Archie at the end of the year. He's so pretty! x

    Zoey |

    1. It was wasn't it! I've seen your instagram, Archie looks adorable and what a way to finish 2020! x

  2. This is such a lovely idea Caroline and you have picked some lovely moments! Here's hoping 2021 is better! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. Thank you lovely! It's always so nice to be able to look back on them, even though this was a strange and horrible year! xx

  3. You've picked some lovely moments from your 2020 to write about, I hope you have a great 2021! x

    Lucy |

  4. Despite the crappy year you had moments of joy which was amazing!

    1. This was actually my favourite one to write, usually it's quite hard to narrow it down but this time it's been nice looking through and finding those positive moments! x

  5. Loved reading through this! You definitely had some great moments and made some memories. Wishing you all the best for 2021 xx

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a lovely 2021 as well x

  6. Loved reading this, so many highs and lows. Here's to a much better 2021 x

    1. Thank you for reading! Wishing you a happy 2021 too! x

  7. Sounds like you have still had some amazing trips and things to do this year.

    1. I was very grateful I got to go home to see my family that's for sure! x

  8. It's so lovely to read about all the good things that made your 2020. When I've done the same I realised that the small things are those that matter the most in the end!
    Hope you have a wonderful 2021! x

    Julia x
    Last Post: The Best Tips to Beat Winter Depression ❄️

  9. One of the last things I did before the pandemic truly hit was go to King Tut exhibition at the Saatchi gallery and it was great!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Oh how weird! It was brilliant wasn't it, mad to think all the things you could do January/February that year! xx

  10. Ah I love this post and seeing some of the best bits of your 2020! It looks like you managed to get some good trips in despite everything. stay safe and happy new year! x

    1. I was extremely lucky, although it has made it harder as it was obviously trips to see my family, so to see them again I'll have to wait for travel corridors to open x

  11. happy new year, caroline!! despite everything, it sounds like you had a lovely year in some moments. so happy to hear that you got to see your parents at least once, and that you got to spend christmas with family. i hope 2021 brings you goodness and joy xx

    1. Happy New Year to you too! I know I was really happy I got to, fingers crossed it won't be long till I see them again. Sending you all the positiveness for 2021! x

  12. I'm glad that you managed to get back to see your family and then go on holiday with them. Let's hope it's a more regular thing in 2021! x


  13. I think you managed to have fun despite the pandemic! Loved this post!

  14. Hi Caroline, new reader here! I'm really inspired by this entry because despite everything that's happened, you were able to note down events each month and still be able to see some good and memorable things. Wishing you a year of hope and good health. Here's to hoping for a better year!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna


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