Friday, April 9, 2021

Currently Testing: Makeup & Skincare

[Ad Contains Gifted Products] Although I've been wearing makeup probably 2 out of the 7 days of the week, I've started introducing a couple of new products into my makeup and skincare regime and wanted to let you know how I'm getting on with them. 

This is something that has been on my wish list for an absolute age and was gifted for my birthday.  I know KathleenLights raves about this setting spray and I can totally see why. I've only used it a couple of times but so far I'm super impressed and love it. This is the finest setting mist I've used, the spray is gorgeous and dispersed meaning you don't get huge droplets on your face. I find this totally melts my makeup together and leaves it looking put together and makes it look neat throughout the day. The one thing I would say I've noticed, is that it does make my mascara run the tiniest bit right after I spray it, so I'm going to try doing it before my mascara as it may just be the case of it getting my eyelashes a bit too wet.

I've been on a mission to find myself a perfect brow gel for quite a while. I loved the e.l.f one for ages but had some issues with a dodgy stopped which meant the product kept coming out too quickly, and I had the same issue with the L'Oreal Brow Gel. I was very kindly gifted this brow gel from BareMinerals and attended their beauty masterclass. I have been loving this brow gel, it's actually the first clear brow gel I've used and I think that's where I've been going wrong. I've always used colour brow gels, but this clear one works so well allowing me to achieve fluffy and set brows. This brow gel also has a serum in it, aimed to make your brows looking fuller in 8 weeks. I find this doesn't leave my brows looking or feeling crunchy or flakey. They do also have coloured versions in 4 different shades, so I definitely need to give them a try! 

Argentum la lune de velours Cleanser*

I received this cleanser in my December Cohorted Beauty Box. Now as we know, I have been using and loving the Liz Earle cleanser and whilst I don't like to stray too far away from a cleanser, at £99 a pop, yup £99, I just had to give it a try. The fact that it sold itself as a nourishing oil milk cleanser got me very excited as anything that's moisturising in a cleanser is usually a win. Now I've been using this for quite a couple of weeks so I feel as if I can comfortably say. Meh. To me this is nice, sure it gets rid of my makeup-ish (my eye makeup still needs proper eye makeup remover) but for £98, it doesn't wow me. This just feels like a way more pricey Body Shop Camomille Cleansing Butter. I haven't necessarily found my skin looking more moisturised...but guys. I just read on the website, apparently it's supposed to come with a fina silk sea sponge....I do not have this sponge hahah so....I don't know if that's a reason? 

I used to be obsessed with the BareMinerals Stroke Of Light concealer and I'm so so gutted that they discontinued it as it was such a good brightening concealer. Their Original Liquid Mineral Concealer, is a thicker consistency, great for hiding blemishes and under eyes. Rather than a brightening concealer, this makes more for a good cover-up concealer. For me this works best with a beauty sponge, just because it is quite pigmented and thick, so a little goes a long way, and a beauty sponge helps it look less cakey and blends it in better. I'm still working on this concealer with different foundations and powders so will report back! 

bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra Smoothing Lipstick 'Memory'

A product I've become increasingly obsessed with is this lipstick. This is going to become my new staple favourite Spring/Summer lipstick.This lipstick formula is absolutely gorgeous, incredibly creamy and glides onto my lips. It's not drying at all and super moisturising whilst still giving off amazing pigment. Can I just add, that I adore the scent as well. Memory is a dark pink shade which can easily be layered to give yourself a darker or lighter colour. 



  1. The bareminerals brow gel sounds exactly like what I am looking for right now... why does every other brow gel I have tried leave my brows feeling crunchy, it's so weird?! That lipstick shade is gorgeous too, I love the swatch! x

    Erin / Everything Erin

  2. Love the sound of the Morphe mist! The lipstick looks like a gorgeous shade! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  3. I love the sound of the BareMinerals brow gel, it sounds like something that I need in my makeup bag! x

    Lucy |

  4. I adore that Morphe mist! I need to try more from bareMinerals x


  5. These all sound excellent I have heard good things about that Morphe face mist. I soooooo struggle with my brows. I over plucked them in my goth phase you know the whole Girl With The Dragon Tattoo phase--I should of just bleached them. But they did not grow back. I will have to try this serum.

    Ah love this look! You look great :)

    Allie of

  6. I really want to try bare minerals - it's been on my list of things to try but have no idea what colour match i'd be. Also that lipstick is a lovely shade. x

    Zoey |

  7. BareMinerals is a brand I really want to try more from! I've got one of their lipsticks and the formula is amazing. So hydrating and creamy on the lips but amazing pigmentation. I love the sound of all of these products x

    Lauren |

  8. Really enjoyed reading about the products you're testing! I really like the bareminerals foundations so have had my eyes on their concealers for a while!

    Molly xx

  9. Oooh that lipstick shade is gorgeous! Nice pick! xx

    lenne |

  10. I'm so pulled in by that lipstick shade, omg. And the formula sounds amazingggg. Need to pick it up one day! x

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