Monday, August 9, 2021

3 Beauty Tools I've Been Loving

I'm not someone who ever really buys into "beauty tools" (mainly because I find it hard enough to remember to take off my makeup and use skincare products, let alone add something else to my routine). However there are three beauty tools (and probably my only ones apart from a face Foreo which I never use eeek) that I have been loving lately. 

Now guaranteed, beauty tools aren't the easiest to photograph and these aren't my favourite photos ever, but hey ho, here we go;

FREATECH Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush - I've heard loads of people raving about scalp massagers about the benefits including hair growth and just general deep cleaning of your hair and scalp. I didn't do mass research into it, but decided to get this one off Amazon as it had great reviews and I've been loving using it. I use it around two to three times a week. and it works really well for when you've got a headache, or weirder when you've spent all day with a ponytail and need a bit of a massage. 

I got this Physic Sisters Rose Quartz Mini Roller in my ASOS beauty calendar and I tell you what, in this heat, this is glorious. I pop mine in the fridge door and when my face is feeling a tad puffy, or just generally boiling from this heatwave. I use this pretty much all over my face, but I have decided I am desperate to try and buy a gua sha as well for my full face, so any recommendations please do let me know! 

KIKO Brush Cleansing Pad - I purchased this a while ago and not only is it an amazing bargain, but they are so helpful when it comes to cleaning. I used to honestly only use the back of my hand and some shampoo to clean my brushes and it's no surprise that that didn't really deep clean the very deep bristles of my brushes, so I'm loving using this a lot more to clean my brushes. It's easy to use as it's got two different types of patterned ridges on it which help you get deep into your brushes!

Let know in the comments below some beauty tool must-haves, like I said I need a Gua Sha recommendation! 



  1. Just picked up a scalp massager! Hoping it helps stimulate growth! Love my roller and gua sha too! Both off cult beauty! Xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  2. I really want to try that scalp massager, it sounds brilliant! x

    Lucy |

  3. The scalp massager looks good!

  4. These are so interesting! I've never tried a scalp massager before, now I want to try it too!

    Life is a Shoe


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