Saturday, January 29, 2022

What I've Been Watching Lately

Queer Eye

I don't think there is a better feel-good TV show than Queer Eye. If you haven't watched it, it's essentially a 'makeover show' but is also so much more than that. Netflix rebooted the original series with the Fab Five, who help those who have been nominated by family/friends in giving them a full lifestyle makeover. For me, this goes so much deeper, and this season particularly, I've cried in every single episode. The people in it are so grateful for the Fab Five and the difference they make is just incredible. 

Emily in Paris Season 2

Of course I had to binge watch the new series of this utter trash. Now I'm not sure about anyone else, but I swear not only are the outfits worse in this series, but the acting is atrocious. However, if you're hungover/isolating or just generally having a slow day, it's the perfect show to just watch in the background and binge. If you aren't familiar, it's about a marketeer Emily, who is sent from America to Paris to work for a year. Queue fit Paris men, drama and her horrific attempt at French, it's just one very easy-watch show. 

Chicago Med

I am forever obsessed with finding new medical dramas that I haven't watched. If there is one out there, chances are I've already seen it. Chicago Med is an instalment in the 'Chicago' NBC series (Chicago Fire, Chicago PD) and I've just been really enjoying watching it. There is definitely always a formula for all medical dramas; nurse and doctor get together, doctor falls ill/nurse falls ill, pandemic/natural disaster hit, computer system goes down etc...and whilst I wouldn't say any of the storylines are anything new, I've still been loving it. 

Cheer Season 2

Cheer follows the lives of cheering squads in Texas as they compete in one of their largest competitions Daytona. I remember watching season 1 a while back and what's interesting about this season is that they've actively started bringing through some of the controversy that's been brought to light since the first series starting. It shows their gruelling training regime and their fight to beat their rivals. I've not yet finished the latest season (think we have one or two episodes left)  but it's definitely got a different vibe to it this season. 

Below Deck 

Another one of my holy grail trash TV shows, the latest series of Below Deck has been as fantastic as the last. Below Deck follows a group of crew who work on yachts which are chartered out by the rich and (sometimes but rarely not famous). I've watched every single season of both Below Deck and Below Deck: Med and of course Below Deck is my favourite with Captain Lee (if you know, you know) who just doesn't take any shit from the crew members. The drama levels are just insane, frankly I have no idea how they have any time to do any actual work with all the drama that goes on, but highly recommend! 

Other shows that I'm waiting to watch include; Trigger, The Teacher & The Responder, I feel like finally all the good dramas are coming out as there just weren't as many as usual in the run up to Christmas. Let me know what you've been watching recently in the comments below! 



  1. I do love Emily In Paris, it's so cliché but it's still binge-worthy! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Ooh I need to watch Cheer S2, I want to watch the Teacher too! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  3. I havent seen any but Emily in psris keeps poping up on my netflix but I do not know why I am not just interested in watching it.

  4. I binge-watch Below Deck. Love Captain Lee!

  5. I watch Emily in Paris for the same reasons as you haha! Love to hate it. At this point I do think they're doing it all on purpose. Also yesterday I watched The Tinder Swindler (not a show) and wow it has to be seen! It's made so well it feels like a movie. I highly recommend it!

    Julia x
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