Sunday, February 20, 2022

Currently Testing

[ad contains gifted products]

 Revlon Ultra HD Snap Nail Varnishes* I was kindly gifted a set of the new Revlon nail varnishes. Now I haven't bought any new varnishes in a while as I usually get my nails done with shellac, but currently they need a break so I've been excited to try these. So far I've only uses the shades  'Birthday Suit' & 'Cherry On Top' and have to say I'm quite impressed. On my nails no nail varnish lasts days and days without chipping, it's just impossible, so for me a good sign is if it can do 3 days without chipping which so far it has. These are very quick-drying and I like how opaque they are as I only need 2 coats to get full colour. 

Pixi On-The-Glow Blush - 'Ruby' - I hadn't tried any Pixi makeup products at all until getting this blush. I'm always a bit weary with cream products as I don't find they always sit well on my foundations. I've used this blush using a buffer brush onto my cheeks and so far really love it. It's incredibly pigmented so I have to use a light hand, but I'm really loving how it easily glides ono my skin. It adds a gorgeous glow as well to my skin and I definitely want to get a couple more colours and try some more from this range! 

Lush Cosmetics Charity Pot Coin Hand and Body Lotion  - My flatmate got me one of these as part of my Galentine's gift, and I've been using it as a body massage bar and I've really loved it. I've used quite a few of the Lush massage bars and as I have such dry skin I love how oily and thick they are on my skin (which if you aren't a big fan of oily products I would stay clear) and not only this product great for your skin, it's for a great cause too, 100% of the proceeds is donated to charity organisations. 

Have you used any of the above products and what products are you currently testing out? 



  1. The Lush Charity Pot is super moisturising, but I find the scent so strong! I guess most Lush products are very heavily-scented haha. The Pixi blush sounds rather good! :)
    Happy Sunday!

    Julia x
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  2. Love the Pixi on the glow blushes! Such a good formula! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  3. The Pixi blush sounds good and those nail colours are beautiful!xx

    Emilia |

  4. I haven't tried a Revlon polish in ages, but used to love them. Gorgeous shades! x


  5. The Revlon nail polishes look cute, and the shades are beautiful!

  6. The Lush stuff sounds up my street! I have really dry skin too so those would be ideal for me. xx

    Zoey |

  7. Those nail polishes look so cute! I love the Lush Charity pot, it's so good in winter, my hands really appreciate that thick oily cream when it's cold, it really helps my eczema!

    Hope that you are having a good week. The wild weather and storms are back here unfortunately, hopefully we do not get flooded in again!

    Away From The Blue


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