Monday, June 13, 2022

AD | Refresh Your Skin with Boots

[ad paid partnership] I know that I'm not the only one who is absolutely ecstatic that Spring and Summer are finally on their way. During the transitional seasons, my skin becomes quite temperamental and I usually find that I need to kick-start my skincare routine, refreshing it and revitalising my skin. 

One of my go-to places for all things skincare is Boots as the range of brands and products is second to none and I know that I can find pretty much every one of my go-to brands at Boots both in store and online. Cleansers, SPF, Skincare, Vitamin C Serum, Moisturisers, facial sprays, there is everything for all ages and skin types. I've picked and curated a couple of my must-haves for refreshing your skincare routine this Spring. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser*  - I used to be a huge fan of the original Liz Earle cleanse and polish, but when they came out with the new Cleanse & Glow I knew this would be the perfect addition to my Spring skincare.  This is a very gentle cleanser that provides luminous and glowing skin whilst ensuring it's completely cleansed your skin. I have quite sensitive skin and find that this product is so mild and gentle as it turns into a skin-softening milk once applied. If you were a fan of the original Cleanse & Polish but suffer from dry skin, definitely give this a go! 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Protectant*  - No matter what time of the year it is, Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring I have to have this 8 hour protectant in my skincare bag. This is my holy grail product mainly due the fact that it can be used for pretty much anything and everything. During the Winter months I use this for all my dry patches on my skin. In the Spring and Summer this is my go-to for when I have seen a little bit too much sun and works wonders as lip balm and both as an after-sun to stop my face from peeling. 

Avène Very High Protection B-Protect SPF50+ Face Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin*  - Whilst Spring in the UK is always a bit temperamental, we are sometimes very lucky to experience full blown Summer days nearing into the mid and sometimes high 20's. Something that's so important during these months is SPF  and it's something I ensure to wear daily. During the warmer months I wear a lot less in terms of my base foundation, so a BB cream or tinted moisturiser is my go-to and this Avene Face Sun Cream is the perfect combination. With SPF 50+ it protects your skin from both UVB lights. When you start applying to your face, it has small beads that burst and turn into a tinted colour which is just the right amount of coverage.  Boots has an array of different sun protection products on offer including Factor 50 Sun Cream  and SPF skincare . 

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray for Sensitive Skin* - Avene has become one of my favourite brands as I find it works so well for both my dry and sensitive skin. The Thermal Spring Water is an absolute saviour when it gets to the warmer months. My skin can get quite dehydrated in the warmer months, and using this in the morning and evening (even on top of makeup) just allows my skin to feel refreshed and calms it. When you've spent a long day outside enjoying the sun, or even stuck inside the stuffy air-con office, a few spritz of this automatically revitalises my skin. I also love how fine the mist is so doesn't leave you absolutely covered in water droplets. 

Garnier Discovery Discovery Mask Bundle Collection& Champneys Treatments Cooling Gel Eye Masks* - I don't think there's anything better than self care than treating yourself to a face mask. The Garnier face masks have become one of my favourite budget friendly products at Boots as they have an array of different products for different areas of concern. The eye masks are some of my favourites as they are so fuss free and instantly de-puff my eyes. If you're looking for a higher-end eye mask, the Champneys Cooling Gel Eye Masks are amazing and instantly provide soothness and relaxation. For when my eyes are puffy (hello hayfever season) these give my eyes instant relief. 

Let me know in the comments below how you'll be refreshing your skincare routine this Spring and also if you've used or love any of the above products mentioned! 



  1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I’m definitely going to give the Avene Thermal Spring Water a try, it sounds amazing.. I’ve been looking for something to revitalise my skin in the summer months! V x

  2. Can’t wait to try some of those products especially a great SPF 50 face cream. I will pop out to Boots as I love Liz Earle products. Thanks for trying them out first! Georgie

  3. Love all these recommendations. Obsessed with all things Avene and I love a good face mask! x

  4. I have heard so many good things about Boots. You got quite a few excellent products. The spray sounds good and that cleanser really sounds great, would love to try that.

    Allie of

  5. Eye masks are a must have in summer for me too, to reduce puffiness! x



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